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The Truth About Cyrus Sullivan

Cyrus Sullivan

Top 5 Truths About Cyrus

Cyrus has decided to post a list of Top 5 Truths to help others learn about who he is. Knowing the truth about Cyrus is key to understanding his greatness, so he has included responses to critics as well.

1. Cyrus Sullivan is Not Normal

Normal is a word far overrated and what weight it has comes entirely from the meaning of not being normal to some people. Not being normal can make people like Cyrus difficult if not impossible for the average person to understand. This is primarily due to a combination of impatience and intellectual shortcomings on the part of those who seek to understand Cyrus or at the very least have found themselves intrigued by him. Learn More: Cyrus Sullivan is Not Normal .

2. Cyrus Sullivan is Smart

When Cyrus Sullivan graduated from college he told everyone the he “never felt more smarter”, but didn’t realize that some people lacked the intellect to know that he was joking by using poor grammar on purpose. As a result some people thought he was dumb despite being a new graduate. That’s just one example of how Cyrus makes people think he is a bumbling buffoon when in fact he is anything but. Learn More: Cyrus Sullivan is Smart

3. Cyrus Sullivan Has a Weird Sense of Humor

Cyrus Sullivan finds laughter where some find sorrow, but not with the sorrow itself. He observes things, things that many might take issue with, realizes that such things are no big deal, and does as he pleases despite any perceived agitations because he knows that anyone easily irritated by mundane things is not worth pleasing in the first place. Learn More: Funny HaHa

4. Cyrus Sullivan is Too Honest for His Own Good

Cyrus Sullivan has a habit of being honest and too honest for his own good. He is the kind of guy that tells you what is wrong with him whether you want to hear about it or not. Like how he likes to write about himself in the third person even though he knows that by saying that you’ll realize that he is typing about himself in the third person and you won’t take him seriously.. Learn More: Cyrus Sullivan is Honest

5. Cyrus Sullivan is Kind Hearted

Cyrus Sullivan is always caring and generous to all who deserve the benefits of his care and generosity. His requirements for kindness may sound steep to some, but considering the fact that he grants all new people in his life a clean slate until they dirty it up his standards are not very high. If you meet Cyrus treat him well or at least with respect and he will always treat you well with respect, listen to what you have to say, and go out of his way to make your life better if you deserve it. Learn More: Cyrus Sullivan is Kind Hearted

Top 6 Misconceptions About Cyrus

Whenever someone starts their own business and that business involves promoting edgy ideas to the public they will certainly become the subject of malicious lies. Cyrus Sullivan is no different, so to help people seperate fact from fiction he has decided to help us compile a Top 6 List of Misconceptions about him.

1. Cyrus Sullivan Operates "Illegal Businesses"

Cyrus Sullivan knows all too well that barely legal can be worse than most crimes in the eyes of the public, especially when it comes to commercial ventures that most people would ban if they could vote on them. He also knows all too well that the mainstream news media cares more about ratings than the truth and don’t mind making well dressed, well groomed, well educated, intelligent, and innocent young men look like “the scum of the earth” as one journalist labeled Cyrus during a part of his first on camera interview that was lost on the cutting room floor along with answers to critical questions and any proper legal analysis that may have been recorded. As a result some people have accused Cyrus’s business of operating illegally in the past. Learn More: Cyrus Sullivan Operates an Illegal Business.

2. Cyrus Sullivan is a "Scam Artist"

Cyrus Sullivan caught an internet troll abusing one of his websites by falsely accused another user of something awful. Sullivan cracked down on that user, informed the local news media in that user’s area of his actions, and it resulted in a story. Sometime later the subject of the story started stalking Sullivan online after getting sick of seeing his Google results dominated by accounts of his deeds. Learn More: Cyrus Sullivan is a "Scam Artist"

3. Cyrus Sullivan Distributes Malware and Viruses on His Websites

A false rumor created by Cyrus Sullivan’s first stalker and used by others for the purpose of making users afraid to visit his websites after reading libelous comments. It all started when someone got mad at Cyrus for not removing a page created by an anonymous user on one his websites, so the guy started cyberstalking Cyrus by tracking down pages about him online and spamming comment boards with false information accusing his sites of distributing malware. All the while sending threats to Cyrus to the effect of “you’ll be so bogged down dealing with this until you remove my name from your site”. Learn More: Cyrus Sullivan Distributes Malware and Viruses

4. Cyrus Sullivan is a "Felon"

Cyrus Sullivan’s outstanding ability to think outside the box has made law enforcement wish that the box had been made big enough to still have room for his ideas. As a result some police became frustrated with Cyrus and tried to bend the box in a failed attempts to make room for Cyrus’s ideas, but no matter how hard they tried Cyrus’s ideas ended up falling back outside of the box once attorneys make it clear that they know more about the law than police do. Learn More: Cyrus Sullivan is a "Felon"

5. Cyrus Sullivan is an "Extortionist"

Cyrus Sullivan offers to block pages on some of his websites from search engines for a small fee. Usually his customers are people disputing the validity of user generated content (UGC) on a website he owns, but even before then people angry over UGC started posting false statements online accusing him of removing records for huge sums of money. Those accusations have nothing to do with his new repuation management system. Learn More: Cyrus Sullivan is an "Extortionist"

!New 6. Cyrus Sullivan is Wanted by the Portland Police

After appearing as a guest on Anderson Cooper’s talk show Cyrus Sullivan was targeted online by a deranged stalker jealous of his success. The true identity of the stalker is unknown, but whoever it is seems to think it ok to screw with Cyrus by launching websites and putting out poorly produced You Tube videos. Learn More: Cyrus Sullivan is Wanted in Portland, Oregon

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