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Cyrus Sullivan of Portland, Oregon

Cyrus Sullivan

Cyrus Sullivan is the greatest human being of all time and owes it all to being the most amazing person in the history of mankind. Everything he does great is nothing short of spectacular and nothing he hasn’t done he couldn’t do amazingly when doing it great, but perhaps it is his humble honest nature that really makes him amazing. Not without his flaws like any man, but more flawless than most he has always been a man of the people for the people he knows to be fantastic and knows that like all men of greatness he wouldn’t be half as high as he is without the people around him because from them is where he learns. He learns with a mind more open to ideas than any other with a philosophy that the more he learns the smarter he will be and the more he remembers the greater he can act. He is a man of action who has accomplished more than an idle man could ever dream of and a patient man of thought who knows the importance of rest when thinking his way to great ideas. He is an innovator not afraid to do what has never been done because a man who never dares can never dare to be great.

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Cyrus Sullivan is the greatest Self Help Guru, Career Professional, and World Traveler ever named after Cyrus The Great with a great Business Card because that is The Truth.

Self Help Guru

Cyrus Sullivan is a self-help guru originally from Portland, Oregon who knows the benefit of helping one’s self. Now he wants to help you help yourself live an easier and ultimately better life. Learn More:

Cyrus Sullivan of Portland

Career Professional

Cyrus Sullivan is a career professional who values the betterment of his course or progress through life and prefers to chart that course professionally. Learn More: Career Professional

World Traveler

Cyrus Sullivan is a world traveler busy traveling the world more often than not. Learn More: World Traveler

Cyrus the Great

Cyrus the Great was an ancient king of Persia for which all modern Cyrus’s are named after. This includes greatest human being of all time Cyrus Sullivan. Learn More:

Cyrus the Great

Business Card

Cyrus Sullivan is a career professional with a business card worthy of his greatness. An all American business card like no other. Learn More:

Cyrus Sullivan Business Card

The Truth

Cyrus has decided to post a list of Top 5 Truth to help others learn about who he really is. Knowing the truth about Cyrus is key to understanding his greatness, so he has included responses to those who don't understand as well. This section is extensive. Learn More: The Truth About Cyrus Sullivan

Attorney at Hobby

Cyrus Sullivan spends some of his leisure time practicing law. In 2021 he won a lawsuit against the United States. Sullivan represented himself and proved his greatness in the legal arena.

Gaining Ground

In April of 2021, Cyrus was featured in the New York Times in recognition of his far reaching greatness.

Cyrus Sulliva New York Times

Stay Tuned

Learn more about Cyrus when he finally finds the time to turn this website into a monument worthy of his greatness. Until then he will be splitting time between his place and his home town of Portland, Oregon.

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