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Misconception #4: Cyrus Sullivan is a "Felon"

Cyrus Sullivan’s outstanding ability to think outside the box has made law enforcement wish that the box had been made big enough to still have room for his ideas. As a result some police became frustrated with Cyrus and tried to bend the box in a failed attempts to make room for Cyrus’s ideas, but no matter how hard they tried Cyrus’s ideas ended up falling back outside of the box once attorneys make it clear that they know more about the law than police do.

During college Cyrus pulled off a harmless prank by spreading a joke around about someone, but that someone didn’t realize how funny it was, couldn't take it, and called the police. The police traveled great distances to burglarize Cyrus’s apartment, kidnap him, take him back to their town, charge him with felonies he did not commit, and release him before releasing pictures of him like he were some sort of menace to society. Eventually the district attorney applied basic principals of law to determine that Cyrus was innocent of every single criminal charge brought against him by the arresting officers.

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