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Misconception #6: Cyrus Sullivan is Wanted by the Police

Cyrus Sullivan Wanted

After appearing as a guest on Anderson Cooper’s talk show Cyrus Sullivan was targeted online by a deranged stalker jealous of his success. The true identity of the stalker is unknown, but whoever it is seems to think it is ok to screw with Cyrus by launching websites and putting out poorly produced You Tube videos.

The stalker’s lies are always basically the same. They combine elements of truth with complete fiction to make people think that Cyrus has a warrant out for his arrest, a history of being arrested for attempted murder, and even went as far as to post addresses on a poorly designed free website that he or she thinks is Cyrus’s with no regard for innocent people.

The You Tube videos are especially creepy with a voice altered using some kind of voice altering software, allegations of mental illness, poorly Photoshopped images, and basic text. Cyrus knows that being the greatest human being of all time can make him an object of envy, but can’t understand what type of loser would dedicate their time to making websites and You Tube videos about him.

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