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Truth #3 Cyrus Sullivan Has a Weird Sense of Humor

Cyrus Sullivan finds laughter where some find sorrow, but not with the sorrow itself. He observes things, things that many might take issue with, realizes that such things are no big deal, and does as he pleases despite any perceived agitations because he knows that anyone easily irritated by mundane things is not worth pleasing in the first place.

When tragedy strikes Cyrus is usually there perhaps not physically, but mentally and verbally. He highlights the funny factors so that the right minded can laugh and the sensitive can throw fits until they learn better.

He is the kind of man who even if un-employed would never take a job in customer service because he knows that 90% of customer complaints are made by people that are not mentally competent enough to use the product or service they are complaining about, 85% of the 90% are completely beyond help, and 99% of the 85% need to be told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the ugly truth brutally so help them.

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