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Cyrus The Great

Cyrus The Great

Cyrus the Great was an ancient king of Persia for which all modern Cyrus’s are named after. They are named after him because although his official name was “Cyrus II of Persia” whoever “Cyrus I” was he didn’t leave much of an impact let alone an impact worth naming children after unless the name of the child was not “Cyrus” and the kid had not been named anything else yet. As a result all other Cyrus’s have a great name to live up to and Cyrus Sullivan is no different. He knows he is great and he knows that among the reasons for his greatness is a great name to live up to.

Not much is known about this historic Cyrus beyond the fact that he existed back then and still exists online in the form of encyclopedias full of his name. What is known for sure right now is that Cyrus the Great a.k.a. Cyrus the Elder is now dead and has been for quite some time. Now it’s time for great Cyrus’s of modern time like Cyrus Sullivan to pick up the sword where he left off and make the world great thanks to the next great Cyrus.

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