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Truth #1 Cyrus Sullivan is Not Normal

Normal is a word far overrated and what weight it has comes entirely from the meaning of not being normal to some people. Not being normal can make people like Cyrus difficult if not impossible for the average person to understand. This is primarily due to a combination of impatience and intellectual shortcomings on the part of those who seek to understand Cyrus or at the very least have found themselves intrigued by him.

The first thing anyone who wants to do anything better than normal must give up is the expectation to be thought of as normal. Normal by definition has always required that the normal engage in conduct “conforming to the standard or the common type”. The common type can often be personified by the stereotype of the common man who does everything in his life that traditional parents would expect of him such as getting married, having kids, and becoming a full time slavel. There are many things about being normal that Cyrus despises like getting married, having kids, and slaving away for someone or some group. This is because Cyrus noticed some problems with being normal the worst of which being the fact that by being normal he would have to give up on any goals of greatness.

If you have read the above then you probably have the patience needed to understand Cyrus because his story could make for a thick book. Unfortunately, to really know the real Cyrus you need to be a personal friend or family member of his from real life. Real life to Cyrus is life that exists in the real world and not on the internet.

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