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Truth #5 Cyrus Sullivan is Kind Hearted

Cyrus Sullivan is always caring and generous to all who deserve the benefits of his care and generosity. His requirements for kindness may sound steep to some, but considering the fact that he grants all new people in his life a clean slate until they dirty it up his standards are not very high. If you meet Cyrus treat him well or at least with respect and he will always treat you well with respect, listen to what you have to say, and go out of his way to make your life better if you deserve it.

Cyrus believes that it is better not to judge people at first glance and to always give them a shot. If he gives you a shot and you take advantage of it in a bad way he will not take kindly to you, but return the favor and he will hold you in high regard. Cyrus would much rather get along well with others than end up in a fight with anyone and he goes to great length to avoid such hassles, but unfortunately some people get the idea that hounding Cyrus repeatedly is a good idea. Cyrus has no idea why because whenever it happens he is usually just minding his own business, but no matter how self-business minded he is trouble seems to find him.

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