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Truth #4 Cyrus Sullivan is Too Honest for His Own Good

Cyrus Sullivan has a habit of being honest and too honest for his own good. He is the kind of guy that tells you what is wrong with him whether you want to hear about it or not. Like how he likes to write about himself in the third person even though he knows that by saying that you’ll realize that he is typing about himself in the third person and you won’t take him seriously.

He types about himself because he knows that speaking of himself in the third person sounds more professional. It sounds like someone else has nothing better to do than sit around, watch Cyrus, and type stuff about him. Instead of just him sitting in front of his computer building a personal website dedicated to himself for the sake of having a personal website dedicated to him that he can turn into a demo template website for the purpose of showing other people how to build your own personal website.

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