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Misconception #3 Cyrus Sullivan Distributes Malware and Viruses on His Websites

A false rumor created by Cyrus Sullivan’s first stalker and used by others for the purpose of making users afraid to visit his websites after reading libelous comments. It all started when someone got mad at Cyrus for not removing a page created by an anonymous user on one his websites, so the guy started cyberstalking Cyrus by tracking down pages about him online and spamming comment boards with false information accusing his sites of distributing malware. All the while sending threats to Cyrus to the effect of “you’ll be so bogged down dealing with this until you remove my name from your site”.

This became a favorite tactic for the troll covered in misconception #2 who became Cyrus’s second stalker for reasons similar to why his first stalker started stalking him. Both of them realized that Cyrus is like all webmasters in that he likes to maximize his page views and that it is impossible to post identifiable complaints against any website without driving traffic to it. Their solution was to include false accustions of viruses and malware along with the rest of their false statements fabricated to scare as many users as possible away from visiting the sites they were talking about.

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