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Cyrus Sullivan's All American Business Card

Cyrus Sullivan always felt a little weird when creating a website with a professional sounding name just to act as a parent entity for his businesses, but when he realized that he could declare himself president he couldn’t tell himself no any more than a voter could. Still he felt creating a professional corporate website was not enough and realized the need for a professional business card, a business card that would make a statement that Cyrus Sullivan has a great business card.

In his quest for the greatest business card of all time, the greatest human being of all time Cyrus Sullivan was quickly disappointed when initial attempts to create a business card worthy of himself consisting of a watermark covering some tastefully thick yet subtle off-white coloring was unsuccessful, so he built three other designs to assure himself several professional looks. Those designs featured raised lettering with a pale nimbus, egg shell with Romalian type, and bone with Sillian braille lettering. Unfortunately for Cyrus his printer's did not support raised lettering with a pale nimbus or egg shell with Romalian type, so Cyrus resorted to bone with Sillian braille to make sure his business card would be impressive.

Today Cyrus Sullivan has a new business card unlike any other. A business card similar to what the main character of one timeless Hollywood classic considred to be the best business card of all time the second he placed it on a table and asked “new card, what do you think?”

American Psycho Business Card

Unfortunately, Cyrus feels the need to censor himself online by removing his phone number from his business card just to display it for unknown reasons. When asked if he feared any sort of reprisal from Patrick Bateman, Sullivan replied “Bateman is such a dork".

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