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How to Minimize the Damage of Looking Fat on TV

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When watching his appearance on Anderson Cooper’s talk show Cyrus Sullivan was shocked and horrified at the sight of his second chin which had grown so large that nothing Anderson, the studio audience, bloggers, or online commentators said afterwards made him feel worse than seeing his turkey neck on TV. Fortunately Cyrus thought of a way to turn this into a positive and he wants to show you how he helped himself so you can do the same for you in just six easy steps.

1. Don’t Panic: When you see yourself looking fat on TV don’t panic. Take a timeout, go someplace quit, and take a few deep breaths before gathering your thoughts. Make sure to remind yourself that weight can be lost and your TV appearance will be yesterday’s news tomorrow.

2. Obtain a copy or partial copy of the broadcast. This can be done easily if you recorded the broadcast yourself using a DVD recorder or TiVo, but can also be done by downloading any uploaded clips from the internet using something like the FlashGot Firefox Add-On.

3. Watch the footage and look for the moment in which you appear least fat. This may require some tedious frame by frame analysis, but when you are done you should be looking at the video paused at the ideal moment.

4. Take a screenshot of yourself at the ideal point in the video as outlined in step 3.

5. Crop the screenshot so that it looks just right.

6. Upload your image online so that people see less of you from TV.

There you have it. Six easy steps for minimizing the damage of looking fat on TV that might not make you look like a string bean, but is far better than the alternatives.

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